Euro 2020 Qualifying: Everything You Should Know

Euro 2020 Qualifying: Everything You Should Know

Formed in 1960, the UEFA European Championship is a football for senior men's national teams who are the members of the Union of European Football Ass

Formed in 1960, the UEFA European Championship is a football for senior men’s national teams who are the members of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). If you are into football secure online betting, we are sure you already know that but what is a bit more complicated than usual is the qualifying process. 

Formerly known as the UEFA European Nations’ Cup, the 2020 edition will witness 55 national teams in action.   

The Groups

There will be ten groups in total namely Group A to J with a total of 24 European nations. There is no host nation for the game as final games will be played across Europe.  

Qualification for Euro 2020

Two teams from each group are set to qualify automatically which means that there will be 20 such teams from the groups. The teams will take the other four places via payoffs from the 16 participating teams from the UEFA Nations League groups to the teams that have not qualified directly.

When will the qualifying games be played?

The games are set to take place in March, June, September, October and November.

Format of Playoffs

It will have 16 nations. 4 nations will take part in each of the four playoffs. Each playoff route will consist of 2 semi-finals and one final. There are no two-legged matches. It will be one-off. The semi-finals will consist of the best-ranked teams that have qualified from the playoff path at home all set for a face-off with the fourth-ranked team. Subsequently, the second-ranked team will be hosting the third best team from the list. From each final, a home team which is not based on the ranking will be drawn in November 2019

Qualifying criteria for the Euro 2020 playoffs

The winning teams of each of the 16 groups across the four UEFA Nations League levels will be selected. Minimum of one team from leagues C and D will be left, but half of the NL winners will qualify automatically. Their place in the playoff route will be replaced by the team which is next best ranked at that level.

How will the playoff fixtures be created?

In the semi-final round, the best-ranked team will face the team which is worst-ranked at home.

The playoffs will take place in March 2020 less than three months from the finals.

For the very first time, Kosovo will be a part of this championship. The winner will be awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy, named so in honour of the first General Secretary of UEFA. It was his idea that led to the formation of UEFA by his son as he died five years before the first tournament.

The trophy has been remodelled with the new one being eight pounds heavy and shiny surface with engravings. The winning team gets to keep the cup for four years, and then it gets passed on the next winner. The winning players and coaches are awarded gold medals with the runners-up earning the silver medal. The losing participants used to receive bronze medals till 2016 when the UEFA decided against it.