Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen – Liveblog

Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen – Liveblog

The Futbolgrad Network is in the Olympiastadion in Berlin to bring you our Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen Bundesliga liveblog.

Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen – 2-6

Another fantastic matchday here in the Bundesliga. Bayer Leverkusen show that they have a talented squad beating Hertha convincingly 2-6. The result means that Hertha finish the season in the sixth spot, and now have to hope that Borussia Dortmund beat Eintracht Frankfurt next weekend here in the Olympiastadion to pave the way for Hertha to reach the group stage of the Europa League without having to play the qualification stage of the Europa League. Bayer in the meantime finish the season in the 12th spot and will now face a summer in which they will have to rebuild.


Joel Pohjanpalo makes it 6-2 for Bayer Leverkusen. It is the final action of the game, as referee Deniz Aytekin ends the game.

86. Minute

Goal for Hamburg in the Abstiegskampf. Hamburg are now up 2-1, which would send Wolfsburg to the relegation-promotion playoffs. Meanwhile Dortmund have made it 4-3 against Werder, which would secure them third spot.



The seventh goal this afternoon. Hertha’s Allagui steps up and converts the penalty. Plenty of goals once again in the Bundesliga.

84. Minute

Penalty for Hertha. They can now get one back.

82. Minute

5-1 seems harsh at this point. Bayer have been more efficient, but they have not been four goals better than Hertha.


Penalty for Bayer Leverkusen, and Charles Aranguiz makes it 5-1 for Bayer Leverkusen. Not a good day for Hertha fans.

75. Minute

The ball just doesn’t want to cross the line for Hertha. Bayer fans in the meantime have a great time in the capital.

It has been a frustrating afternoon for Marvin Plattenhardt. (TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

73. Minute

Hertha almost with their second goal. After a corner the ball bounces around in the six-yard box, but not a single Hertha player manages to get the ball across the line.

71. Minute

Dortmund have equalised. The scoreline there is now 3-3!

70. Minute – TOOOOOOOOOR

Hertha have scored! Sami Allagui wins the ball in the box and brings the ball in front of the net here several Hertha players fail to bring the ball across the line until Weiser stumbles the ball over the line. Surely to little, to late…

67. Minute

Overall a miserable afternoon for Hertha here, who now have to hope that Bayern defeat Freiburg if they want to avoid the drop to the seventh spot.


Stefan Kießling steps up and makes it 4-0 for Bayer. A disastrous afternoon for Hertha here.

62. Minute

Another great combination leads to a chance by Chicharito, who is then fouled in the penalty box. Penalty Bayer!

61. Minute

Bayer Leverkusen showing their limitless talent. Chicharito, Brandt, and Havertz with a wonderful combination deep in Hertha’s half and Jarstein has to do well to stop Havertz goal attempt. Bayer are playing some fine football, which begs the question why they waited all season to show it.

59. Minute

Not much to celebrate for Hertha fans, but the atmosphere is great nonetheless. Berlin fans are now shouting the famous HA-HO-HE Hertha BSC chant.

57. Minute

Bayer remain the more dangerous team going forward. This time Brandt spots Chicharito in the box, but Jarstein has come out far outside the box to intercept the ball.

55. Minute

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53. Minute

What a chance for Hertha! Ibisević breaks through, and is one on one with Bayer keeper Leno, but instead of placing the shot he hits the Bayer keeper straight on. The score remains Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen 0-3.

51. Minute

The game remains a struggle for Hertha, who cannot find a way through Bayer’s defence.

No way through for Hertha. (TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

No way through for Hertha. (TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

47. Minute

The situation for Hertha is becoming critical. Werder have equalized in Dortmund, and another goal by Bremen could see them leapfrog Berlin in the standings.

46. Minute

Hertha coach Pal Dardai with two changes. Sebastian Langkamp relaces John Anthony Brooks, and Per Skjelbred replaces Allan. Hertha will need a miracle in the second half.

Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen – Halftime

Hertha seem to have the majority of the play, but Leverkusen have been deadly on the counter-attack. Julian Brandt and Kai Havertz have been especially impressive for Bayer.


Julian Brandt is having a fantastic game. The winger breaks through on the right side once more, and spots Havertz in the middle of the box, who calmly slots the ball past Jarstein to make it 3-0.

40. Minute

Köln have scored against Mainz! Dortmund in the meantime have taken the lead against Werder. As it stands Hertha have dropped down to the sixth spot.

37. Minute

Ibisević has to be careful here. The Bosnian receives a yellow card after a harsh foul against Benjamin Henrichs. Shortly after he is involved in an altercation. He remains on the field, for now…

35. Minute

Chance for Hertha. Mitchell Weiser with a long range curled effort, which is calmly collected by Bernd Leno.

32. Minute

Not going well here for Hertha. But at least the results in the other grounds are encouraging for die alte Dame. Dortmund’s Marco Reus has equalised for Dortmund, Bayern München are beating Freiburg, and Köln have failed to score against Mainz thus far.


Kai Havertz makes it 2-0 for Bayer Leverkusen! Chicharito spots the young star, who has no problem to beat Jarstein with a close range effort.

29. Minute

Hertha are struggling and the fans are singing aufwachen, aufwachen, aufwachen (wake up)!

Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen. Berlin are struggling. (Photo credit should read TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

27. Minute

Great play here by Julian Brandt. The national team player shakes off two Hertha defenders while balancing the ball on his head. His shot, however, is stopped by Rune Jarstein.

24. Minute

News from around the league. Wolfsburg have taken the lead against Hamburg. Hamburg now looks set to play the relegation/promotion playoff.

23. Minute

Couple corner kicks for Bayer here, but Hertha are able to defend both of them. Berlin then goes on the counter-attack. Marvin Plattenhardt, who has been called up to the national team, sends the ball in the box, but Ibesević’s header misses the target.

20. Minute

Great play here by Salomon Kalou, who spots Weiser on the right flank. Weiser breaks into Bayer’s box spots Ibisević in the centre, but the striker misses the target.

17. Minute

Hertha are struggling to gain the upper hand. Bayer are sitting deep and look dangerous on the counter-attack.

13. Minute

Liverpool target Julian Brandt almost scores a second for Bayer. The attacking midfielder breaks through on the right wing, but his shot hits the side netting.

11. Minute

Hertha seem nervous. Allan loses the ball in midfield, and heavily fouls Charles Aránguiz. Deniz Aytekin issues a yellow card to the Brazilian.

10. Minute

Some updates from our Twitter live feed. Werder have taken the lead against Dortmund.

8. Minute

Almost the equaliser for Hertha. Vedan Ibisević brings the ball into the box from the left side where Mitchell Weiser can collect the ball. His shot from 12 yards out misses the net, however.


Slow start here for Hertha Berlin. Bayer control more of the match, and it is Julian Brandt who finds Chicharto. He runs alone at Hertha’s keeper Rune Jarstein lops the ball over him, but hits the post only to score from the rebound.

Hertha Berlin vs Leverkusen – Kickoff

Here we go matchday 34 of the Bundesliga is underway. Can Hertha make the final step to Europe?

Two more minutes

The teams are already in the tunnel. Bayer Leverkusen fans are welcoming their side with a flag choreography. Hertha fans in the meantime are rocking the Ostkurve. The atmosphere is electric. Hertha fans are now singing the Hertha Lied: Nur nach Hause gehen wir nicht (we will not go home today). By the way, make sure to check out our Twitter account to follow the action from Borussia Dortmund vs Werder Bremen HERE!

Herta Berlin vs Leverkusen – Buildup

Hertha Berlin need three points to secure the fifth spot in the Bundesliga, which would pave the way to the group stage of the Europa League. Bayer Leverkusen, in theory, can still be relegated, but given the other matches in the league, Leverkusen can consider themselves safe going into this match.