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Union Berlin vs Heidenheim – Liveblog

The Futbolgrad Network is at the Alten Försterei in Berlin to bring you coverage from the Bundesliga match Union Berlin vs Heidenheim. Follow the action on our Liveblog below:

Final Result – Union Berlin vs Heidenheim 0-1

The game is over. Union Berlin miss a massive opportunity to bring back excitement to the promotion race. The results from the other stadiums now mean that Stuttgart and Hannover have all but managed promotion. Braunschweig in the meantime will ask themselves how they were scored on six times by a club that appeared to fall towards Liga 3 ahead of this matchday.

90 + 2. Minute

Union appear to have given up. Some of the players letting their heads hang. They have given up a massive opportunity.

90. Minute

Heidenheim almost scores a second, but the close range shot misses the target.

89. Minute

The fans singing: Unsere Liebe. Unser Mannschaft. Unser Stolz. Unser Verein. Union Berlin. Our love. Our team. Our pride. Our club. Union Berlin. Is this the farwell song to this season?

87. Minute

Almost the equalizer but Hosiner fails to hit the target with his close range header.

85. Minute

Everything was going Union’s way. Bielefeld are recording a massive win setting everything up for a matchday 34 final. But Union struggled to assert dominance and they now have a mountain to climb.


We got a goal! Sebastian Griesbeck receives the ball in the box and beats Union’s keeper wit a close range shot. Is this the end for Union’s promotion dreams?

80. Minute

Good buildup play by Union here, but Hosiner then stumbles in the box and loses the ball. The score remains Union Berlin vs Heidenheim 0-0.

77. Minute

Bielefeld have gotten another. Arminia are now winning 6-0 against Braunschweig. But Union are not finding the goal, and the fans are shouting aufwachen, aufwachen, aufwachen (wake up!).

75. Minute

Real frustration in the ground now. Union are trying more to breakthrough and get the goal that would keep them alive. But there is no way through Heidenheim’s defence, and the fans are getting increasingly more frustrated.

73. Minute

Bielefeld has added another goal and is now winning 5-0. Union are still in this promotion race, as long as they pick up all three points today…

71. Minute

The drama! Heidenheim almost with the first goal, but Mesenhöfer can stop the shot from inside the six-yard box.

70. Minute

Bielefeld has added a fourth goal. As it stands Braunschweig and Union would be separated by just three points and two goals going into matchday 34 if Union manage to find a goal here.

67. Minute

The match is turning slowly in a true Bundesliga 2 battle. Meanwhile, Bielefeld have scored a third giving Union a real lifeline in the promotion race. But die Eisernen have thus far failed to capitalize from the results in the other stadiums.

63. Minute

Union are not doing enough to show that they want to play in the Bundesliga next season. The fans, on the other hand, are showing what German football is all about.

59. Minute

Heidenheim almost with the 1-0. A dangerous cross from the left-side is, however, cleared at the last moment by a Union defender. Heidenheim have a spell of dominance now, and actually appear the more likely of the two to get the first goal.

54. Minute

There is the chance for Eisern Union! Zejnullahu finds Hosiner whose shot is blocked for a corner. Union are now much better.

51. Minute

Hannover have scored against Stuttgart. As things stand Union could only catch Braunschweig in the promotion race.

49. Minute

Union are now pressing a bit higher. They must have been encouraged by the results from the other stadiums. To remember Union need three points to stay alive in the promotion race.

46. Minute

Union’s players came back early to warm up. They must have gotten a real talking to by head coach Jens Keller. We hope the second half will be more exciting.

Union Berlin vs Heidenheim Halftime

Not a great game. Union are struggling with the pressure of having to win this game, and Heidenheim are to limited to control the match. It will be interesting to see how Union’s players will react to the news from the other stadiums. What the game lacked on the pitch though was made up by the Union fans, who have been excellent.

42. Minute

Almost halftime here. Union need to sort out their nerves and enjoy their last home match. They got nothing to lose.

39. Minute

Finally a real chance for Union Berlin! Defender Kessel has come up front for a freekick. But Heidenheim’s keeper can stop the close range header.

38. Minute

More of the same here. Heidenheim are real compact in defence and Union seem to be struggling with the burden of having to win this game.

33. Minute

Union are finally able to break forward in numbers, but Eroll Zejnullahu loses control over the ball and Heidenheim win the ball back.

31. Minute

A sense of frustration in the ground. The results elsewhere are going in Union’s favour, but the players cannot get control over this match. Heidenheim, in fact, are doing more for this match.

25. Minute

Bielefeld are beating Braunschweig 2-0, which means Berlin would stay in the race with a win. Union are struggling, however, as they can’t get control over this match. The fans sense it too, and they have upt their support.

23. Minute

Heidenheim with a half chance. Wahl with a shot from 30 yards out, but Mesenhöler can control the ball with some difficulties.

16. Minute

We would like to write more about this match, but there is not much going on at this point. Union are trying to gain control over this match, but Heidenheim are doing well breaking down the buildup play of die Eisernen. 

13. Minute

Arne Feick has to be treated, but the Heidenheim forward can continue.

10. Minute

Some real good football on display here by Union. The squad is nicely organized and tries to dismantle Heidenheim’s defence by playing combination football.

6. Minute

Union Berlin with the first breakthrough. But Heidenheim’s defence does well to deal with Berlin’s Trimmel.

4. Minute

Slow start here to the game. The fans, however, are real wild. Fantastic atmosphere. We are having some issues with the internet though.

Union Berlin vs Heidenheim – Kickoff

Kickoff in what will be the last 90 minutes for Union Berlin to do the impossible, and reach the playoffs.


Rammstein coming through the speakers now. Die Alte Försterei is at a boiling point in anticipation of Union’s last chance to reach the relegation/promotion playoffs.


Union Berlin fans are ready for this. A sense of disappointment after the poor result against Braunschweig is mixed with hope and anticipation ahead of matchday 33.


Both teams are now warming up. Union Berlin need to win this match, and at the same time hope that Stuttgart beat Hannover 96, in order to preserve their minimal chance of reaching the promotion/relegation playoffs.

Union Berlin vs Heidenheim – Buildup

We are at the Alten Försterei to bring you Bundesliga 2 action. Union Berlin is currently saying goodbye to all the players that are going to leave the club this summer. Real nice atmosphere here with an all around good feeling. The Union fans celebrated every player as Fußball Gott (god of football). Class!